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    Human Resources Technologies

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    The executive summary should be a succinct overview and assessment of the relationships of the literature you have reviewed regarding the HRM-related technologies being used or that have potential to be used in your organization to achieve organization, human capital, and business goals in 3 pages.

    Use the following categories within your executive summary.

    Current state: HRM-related technologies in your organization.
    Assessment: Potential influence of annotated bibliography findings on current state.
    Recommendations: Generate a minimum of six HRMT recommendations focused on achieving organizational, human capital, and business goals.
    Summary: Briefly describe the ideal future state of the organization following implementation of your HRMT recommendations.

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    Current State:
    The current state of HRM-related technologies in my organization is that payroll processing is done through information technology. The details of employees and their entitlements are entered into the payroll software. The software generates and prints the pay-slips of all employees. The information related to payments is sent to the bank for making payments. The bank uses the payroll information to electronically transfer employee payments to their respective accounts.

    Another HRM area where technology is used is in recruitment. The specifications related to vacant positions are posted on the company website by the IT department. When applications are made, these are sent through the internal network to the recruitment officer. The recruitment officer processes those applications.

    The potential influence of annotated bibliography on HRMT is that benefits administration is likely to be computerized. In addition, the influence of the bibliography will be that my organization will assess the use of IT to reduce HR administrative costs. For example, if more functions of HR are computerized it is likely to reduce HR costs. One area in which HR administrative costs is high is the paperwork required for compliance with government laws and regulations. My company is likely to increase the use of IT to reduce compliance costs.

    The first recommendation that I make for achieving organizational, human capital and business goals is to use information ...

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