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Annotated Bibliography on HRM Technologies

The annotated bibliography and resource list provides the opportunity to conduct a literature search concerning existing and possible HRM technologies that can be used in organizations.

For this assignment, you will conduct initial research for your action plan by identifying and annotating 8-10 resources in 2-3 pages.

Use credible sources. Conduct a literature search using online search engines. Use academic and industry resources that are research or practitioner-based such as the Academy of Management Journal, Society for Human Resource Management Magazine, and other relevant research sources. Do not use popular resources such as Time, Newsweek, or People magazines.

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HRM Technologies Annotated Bibliography

1. Weisbeck, Dave (February 10 2012). Top 5 Best Practices for Successful Workforce Analytics. Canadian Human Resources. Retrieved from http://www.hrmguide.net/canada/technology/technology_adoption.htm.

This article describes five (5) best practices that have made organizations successful with workforce analytics. Applying these practices by heart, one can become a leader in this new era of information-savvy human resources.

2. Peterson, John (December 18, 2010). The Role Technology Plays in Today's Human Resource Management. Education for the 21st Century. Retrieved from http://educationforthe21stcentury.org/2011/01/the-role-technology-plays-in-today%E2%80%99s-human-resource-management/.

This article determines that the use of technology by HR has proven to assist on the improvement of business performances. It shows that although businesses are expected to have embraced high involvement on technology, only about one of every eight business has done so.

3. Graegoire, Denis A. and Shepherd, Dean A. (November 5, 2011). Technology-Market Combinations and the Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities: An Investigation of the Opportunity-Individual Nexus. Academy of Management Journal. vol. 55 no. 4 753-785. Retrieved from http://amj.aom.org/content/55/4/753.short?rss=1&amp%3bssource=mfr.

The article emphasized that through integrating theoretical work on the nature of entrepreneurial opportunities with cognitive science research on the use of similarity ...

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