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    Managing Staffing Data

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    An employee asks to review his file. He reviews the file and afterwards makes a comment about information that was found in the file. Discuss the following:

    What could have been found in the file was in an incorrect place.
    What are the possible ramifications of confidential and private information being read by someone who does not have the need to know.

    Define HRIS. List the functional areas that are covered by such systems and explain what is included in each. List at least three providers of such systems and what the positives and negatives are for an efficient and effective system while being cost conscious.

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    //Prior to writing about the human recourse information system, we have to understand the entire situation. So, firstly under the heading of the introduction, we will explain about the situation of the case and role of the human resources information system in the organization, for example: //


    A personnel file is a historical record of information pertaining to a staff employee from the date of hire. This personnel file can be reviewed by the employee or the employee's designated representative, the employee's supervisor or department head or by the employee relations or labor relations staff (Employee File, 2005). The employees file should be reviewed very confidentially. The objectives to review the files are to: determine whether employee performance appraisals are being completed; assess the control mechanisms to ensure that the process is in place and working as intended; recommend any opportunities to promote the completion of employee performance appraisals and control mechanisms.

    While reviewing the file of the employee, the person may have found that the employee has not being properly appraised; he has not been given any benefits which he/she deserves; the attendance sheet of the employee is not properly maintained and the employee has the ability and caliber to work effectively and efficiently but still he/she has not been promoted to another post (Employee File, 2005). The person may have found that the employee has written the application for transfer many times but it has not been approved, which may cause a problem for the company.

    There is a possibility of the leakage of information while reviewing the file of any employee. A person who is reviewing the ...

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