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    Staffing Activities

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    What are examples of how staffing activities are influenced by training activities? Compensation activities

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    Staffing Activities


    Staffing is an important function of any organization, which deals with the acquisition, deployment and retention of the manpower resources of an organization. Acquisition activities deal with inviting the applicants for the potential jobs in an organization. Deployment is the process of placing the employees at the jobs they will be responsible to perform. Retention is the process of maintaining the outflow of the employees from the organization. Staffing should involve certain basic principles which help in managing the human resources of an organization. An organization should have a strong staffing strategy, which helps it in achieving its goals and objectives (Renckly, ...

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    The expert provides examples of how staffing activities are influenced by training activities. Compensation actives are determined. The response addresses the queries posted in 669 Words, APA Reference.