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    Organizational Staffing

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    I need some help or suggestions on the following questions.

    (1)What defines an effective approach to organizational staffing?

    (2)How do staffing systems help organizations attain and sustain competitive advantage?

    (3)In your opinion, what are some of the strategic roles that supervisors must assume to meet staffing objectives with the support and assistance of the HR managers?

    (4)provide a potential explanation for a specific organizational approach to some of the staffing and HRD policies within an organization.

    Be certain to clearly demonstrate in your response an understanding of the components of the staffing model and the points raised in assigned readings

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    (1)What defines an effective approach to organizational staffing?

    Recruiting is about building relationships and the most effective recruiting functions take a proactive approach and are always actively recruiting for passive candidates with skill sets their organization most often hires. Rather than approaching a candidate to present a specific opportunity, recruiters focus on introducing the relationship and building a relationship so when a position becomes available, a pipeline of passive candidates who have already been introduced to the organization can be presented as a pool of qualified applicants.

    There is a more accurate way of predicting how many staff are needed and it is called binomial model. It is based on the probability of absences, given the number of staff and their absence rates. The rates of planned and unplanned absences need to be separately calculated, and there is the challenge of matching staff schedules with post needs. Unless there is high overstaffing, not only will overtime continue to be needed but it has to be considered from a cost-effectiveness perspective, as it is often more cost-effective than hiring additional staff.

    There is no such a thing as a common recruiting and staffing strategy for all organizations to use. However, they can develop their own workforce plans that are adequately consistent across units. They have to allow for tailoring thus ensuring that the value of manager's time and effort is maximized and companies will be able to produce workforce plans that are effective and realistic.

    (2)How do staffing systems help organizations attain and sustain competitive advantage?

    Some companies identify the relationship they have with their people and the culture of their company as their most sustainable competitive advantage. In order to find and keep great employees is to align staffing and retention activities to the ...

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