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Organizational Staffing

I need some help or suggestions on the following questions.

(1)What defines an effective approach to organizational staffing?

(2)How do staffing systems help organizations attain and sustain competitive advantage?

(3)In your opinion, what are some of the strategic roles that supervisors must assume to meet staffing objectives with the support and assistance of the HR managers?

(4)provide a potential explanation for a specific organizational approach to some of the staffing and HRD policies within an organization.

Be certain to clearly demonstrate in your response an understanding of the components of the staffing model and the points raised in assigned readings

Solution Summary

The solution discusses the following: an effective approach to organizational staffing; how staffing systems help in attaining and sustaining competitive advantage; strategic roles that supervisors assume to meet staffing objectives; and an explanation of an organizational approach to some staffing and HRD policies. References included.