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    Evaluate the current staffing plan. What does it cost? Are 26 officers sufficient to handle the normal workload(Case 37: Fairness in Punishment. ) 450-700 APA

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    //For this query, you should read the case and analyze the need of police officials in the university campuses. Then, you should define the current staffing plan and the cost incurring in it. I am going to guide you on this which would help you to satisfy your query. See the text below: //
    Many universities have a police department in campus to provide quick response to the incidents occurring in university campus. Basic Law Enforcement Training is essential to join as the university police. The university police serve the diversity of students and operate for preventing crime in orientation programs, educational programs, community-wide presentations, and residential areas of campus.
    The university police are involved in providing security to academic & administrative buildings, campus police authority & jurisdiction, crime prevention, security awareness, alcohol/drug enforcement, etc. The police of Southwestern University lock all academics & administrative ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 653 words with references.