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Definition of Production System & Operations Management

Define a production system. How does the concept of a production system help in the understanding of OM?
Production systems are the subsystems found within manufacturing. This includes everything needed to design, make, and distribute a good. So basically, production systems involve everything from the beginning stages of designing a product, all the way to the finished good.
By understanding what a production system is for a company it allows people to know what all goes into OM. Operations management oversees all of the production systems and then is also in charge of implementing the company's business strategy. You can understand what OM means, but to understand what they are all in charge of, you must understand what production systems all incorporate. Therefore, understanding everything about a production system will help you understand what operations management is in charge of and what they must make sure is running smoothly.

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A production system is the break down of all the parts and pieces that go into a product. For instance, a company that manufactures and sells a ...

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This solution defines a production system, and explains how the concept of a production system helps in the understanding of operations management.