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Define Terms, Discuss Process and Techniques, Six Sigma

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Succinctly defines in his or her own words the terms operations management, operational efficiency, operational effectiveness, operations strategy, and operational sustainability.

Next critically discusses the process of operations management and how it is done within their organization, using the terms just defined. Find at least one internal area where operations management is implemented, discuss the process, and comment on the relative effectiveness of the process.

What OM techniques are used? How? If not used, why not (e.g., lack of time, lack of knowledge, culture resistance, complexity)?

Who uses them (what level in the organization e.g., operational/tactical, strategic)?
What is done? How is it done? Is it a formalized process?
What models, approaches, ideas, or technologies are used?
Specifically, is Six Sigma used? Why or why not?

In addition,define the concept of quality as used in his or her work organization. Are there other concepts for quality? If so, name one or more.

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This solution provides a detailed and thorough discussion of the given business questions.

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Operations Management: Towards Effectiveness and Efficiency

Definition of concepts

1. Operations management
Operations management involves coordinating the activities and processes from the creation to the distribution of goods and services. The creation involves development and production of the goods and services while the distribution part involves facilitating the transfer of the goods and services to the end users. The operations managers oversee the efficient and effective utilization of resources in the production up to the distribution of goods and services.

2. Operational efficiency
One of the goals of an operations manager is operational efficiency which means attaining production goals and objectives with the least cost or with the least amount of resources utilized.

3. Operational effectiveness
Operational effectiveness means achieving production targets and goals not only in terms of volume but also in terms of meeting standards of quality and production period or duration. Hence, operational effectiveness is achieved when targets as to production volume, quality, period of completion, and other related specifications are met.

4. Operations strategies
These are plans developed and intended to be implemented to achieve operational goals and objectives. Given the operational goals, the operations manager plans for the ways and means to achieve them. To complete a project, several strategies may be involved - raw materials acquisition, product development, inventory management, and distribution strategies.

5. Operational sustainability
This may mean maintenance of overall efficiency and effectiveness of operations. The company must be able to continue filling up the demand for goods and services, with the least possible resources possible.

The process of operations management and how it is done within an organization

Operation Management Processes vary depending on the nature of business. In a furniture manufacturing ...

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