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Project Management Approaches


Lets say that your company is considering the adoption of a rigorous form of quality management to keep projects focused on business goals. you are somewhat acquainted with a variety of approaches to quality management. Your boss has asked you to create a report to answer some questions.

Can you help me complete the following:
•Discuss the following quality management approaches: •TQM
•Six sigma
•Just in time

•Which of the principles align most with project management phases?
•Justify your selected choice with concrete examples.
•Conduct analysis of the quality management tools and techniques that are used in project quality planning, project quality assurance, and project quality control.
•Provide perspective by outlining how they impact the overall project quality management process.


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Project Management Approaches

Total quality management is an approach adopted by organizations across the world where they embrace culture and attitude to improve quality of products and services they provide. TQM requires quality to be present all aspects of company's operations so that processes are done right in the first time itself and wastes are eliminated from operations.
For successfully implementing TQM, organization must concentrate on eight key elements- ethics, integrity, trust, training, teamwork, leadership, recognition, and communication.

PDCA cycle or Deming cycle is a four step model for carrying out change. It is used for continuous improvement within organizations when it is starting a new project, when there is a change in design of process, product or service, when there is a need to define repetitive process and when organization is planning for data collection and analysis.
Plan: An opportunity is recognized and changed is planned
Do: The change is tested
Check: The test is checked and results are analyzed to seek learning
Act: Action is taken based on the learning. If the change did not work the cycle is tested again with another plan. Use learning to plan new improvements by ...

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