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Cross Cultural Approaches To Management

In most cases, local managerial approaches must be modified for doing business overseas.

What are three specific examples that support this statement?

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Before listing and examining three managerial approaches in relating to international marketing, I would like to discuss some characteristics needed by managers in today's global environment. In today's global environment, today's managers need to be able to work across borders, become culturally fluent and who can react in a way that is culturally appropriate (Publications & Research, 2010). According to this same article, citing Early and Peterson (2010), the traditional approach used in intercultural training is no longer effective enough for today's global manager. According to these authors, they propose a model based on the elements of cultural intelligence (CQ) to better prepare managers to be effective in various intercultural settings.

According to Three Management Approaches (2010) the three approaches characterized in this guide are:
1. The active listening role as a passive form of management;
2. The cultivating role focusing on ...

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In today's global society, managers must be adept at working with other managers from different cultures, and,
as well, understand how to relate to others from a different culture or tradition. In addition, with the interactive
nature of new digital technologies implies that there be the technology available to allow private citizens as well
as corporate stakeholders to communicate with one another in discussions of public interest.