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    International Business

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    Few jobs require the kind of cultural sensitivity as the job of the international trainer. Large numbers of American business people travel the world training business people in everything from management techniques and computers, to human resource management and ethics. But what works in the domestic training session may or may not work in the global training world. Indeed, what may be wonderful in one context may be downright offensive in another. Sensitivity to cultural differences is very important.


    Please go to the virtual library and find the following 3 articles. Refer to these materials in your essay.

    Wade, Jared (2004),"The Pitfalls of Cross-Cultural Business", Risk Management, March 2004, v 51, Pages: 38-43

    Gibson, R. (2006), Small Business (A Special Report); Foreign Flavors: When going abroad, you should think of franchising as a cookie-cutter business; Unless, of course, you want to succeed. Wall Street Journal September 25, 2006, Page R. 8

    As an example, read about Ace Hardware "international" experiences:

    Carlo, Andrew M. (2006). " Overseas Adjustment", Home Channel News. New York: October 2006, Volume 32, Issue 13, Pages 26-28

    Things to include in your report:

    First, please identify some "cultural mistakes" from the first article listed above ("The pitfalls of cross-cultural business").

    Second, please select a company from the second article ("Small Business- A special report") and then analyze that company's "cultural" approaches.

    Discuss how the company you selected (e.g. focus on an international company of your choice from the second article) approaches foreign markets from the perspective of culture, and comment on how they should manage "cultural mistakes" that involve "cultural differences".

    Reminder- only use the Carlo article on Ace as an example; you should select another firm as a basis for completing the assignment specified above.


    Write a report that includes the following.
    Discuss the problem of cultural mistakes and cultural challenges faced by MNE's in various countries.
    Draw conclusions and list supporting references and cite sources.
    Use appropriate writing style (organization, grammar, & spelling- see Writing Guidelines).

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    ? First, please identify some "cultural mistakes" from the first article listed above ("The pitfalls of cross-cultural business").

    There are several cultural mistakes that business persons make that can spoil a deal. The first cultural mistake that people make is to make gestures and signs that have a bad meaning. This may be perceived as insulting and can lead to a breakdown in relationship. Further, there can be differences in body language that can lead to misunderstandings. Further, there are differences in drinking habits that can lead to errors and even a break up of business relationship. An important issue where cultural mistakes are common is the concept is the concept of punctuality. In some cultures being on time is appreciated, in other cultures the persons are expected to be late. Similarly, the manner of doing business can lead to conflicts. For instance, an American can be very individualistic, whereas person in other countries make group decision making. So, pressing for a decision can lead to breakdown of talks. Similarly, gift giving has its own meanings. There are meanings related to the color of wrapping, and when gifts should be opened. The manner ...

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