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    MBA Vs. Masters In International Business

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    I wish to hear good advice on which of the two degrees earns better or would serve a health care professional more. I have an associates in Respiratory Therapy, A Bachelor in Supervision and Management, and I am a Dept Director. I wish to make a lot more money than my current position and would like to travel if I was to make over $100K. I am fluent in Spanish as well. Can you please help?

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    In my professional opinion, I would definitely pursue the MBA. The options for an MBA degree are far better than the options for a degree in International Business. Most large companies, where you'd make the kind of money you want to make, are requiring an MBA degree. With an international business degree, the options are more limited to companies that deal with business overseas, whereas the MBA degree can be used for a company that's either domestic or international. The MBA ...

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    This solution examines the choice of an MBA vs. a Master's degree in International Business. A thorough analysis is provided.