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    End Of Course Self-Assessment

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    I need brief comments on these answers:

    1. Identify three concepts from your graduate course work that you found to be of significant value and explain how you plan to apply these concepts to your current position at work, a future position desired, or to your life.

    For me, the entire MBA/ Project management was significant and valuable to me. I had never taken a business class before my Masters and my undergraduate degree was in journalism. I feel that project management is a great way to make a person well rounded. Every task we set out to do, every job we have and every paycheck we get is the result of a project. We set a project goal to graduate with our masters; we created a budget, a timeline and factored in risks.

    2. Assess your preparedness for a business leadership and management position based on what you have learned in your graduate degree program.

    The idea of taking on a business leadership management position based on my master's degree has me motivated. I feel that I currently have a leadership management position. While I am not overseeing employees, I am responsible for a large demographic within our marketing department. I oversee an important aspect of our credit union and have a lot of weight on my shoulders to executive a project while building that project. This class and degree has helped me to think alternatively as well as allowed me to grow as a leader, grow in business and grow as an individual.

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    1. The answer that has been provided is a good answer, but a good concept to add would be the self-discipline that you developed during your graduate work, which required that you utilize a tremendous amount of time management skills in balancing your school work with your job activities. This concept could be applied to your current position at work, due to the fact that this would help you to utilize highly efficient time management methodologies in order to plan and complete ...

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