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Civil War Unit Evaluation

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For this problem, I must evaluate a pre-developed unit of instruction. I must evaluate the quality of the unit's objectives, activities, and assessments with supporting documentation on best practices. It mus be three to five double-spaced pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and has to be submitted in APA format and include appropriate research citations.

I am doing a civil war unit on colored troops for my self contained Emotional Behavioral Disorders Georgia History class and I am using the following unit from a civil war teacher resource cite.


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The Civil war assignment uses multiple assessment and feedback mechanisms that are tied to course objectives to provide evidence of student's learning in regard to the history of the civil war and slavery. Self-directed exercises consisting of handouts, maps, and other criteria are used for the course.

The first hand-outs are used for discussion purposes and data analysis. Discussion is important as it fosters the sense of community within the classroom enabling students to develop an understanding of the lesson plan while being vetted by the teacher using formative assessment throughout the duration of the class. Some potential assessment questions that are used for the first hand-outs are which states had the largest free and slave populations, and how these disparities are explained. This is important as an assessment because it shows the student's ability to recognize the causes of the civil war that emanated from ideological differences that were evident throughout the entire country.

The north and the south both established ...

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The solution provides a civil war unit evaluation.

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