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Instructional Design information for a Civil War unit

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You are a new 3rd-grade teacher, teaching the American history unit for the Civil War. What might be an instructional goal for that unit? Based on that goal, what would be a possible performance-based objective?

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Instructional Design information and questions for a Civil War unit is brainstormed for 3rd grade level students.

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First, I offer some creative, differentiated performance-objective ideas for you. They might include the following for students to achieve:

?Students will formulate a song, poem, diary entry, rap, or monologue to represent a character's point of view who lived during the Civil War after listening to the riveting picture book, Pink and Say.

?Using a map of the United States, students will highlight key states involved in battles or divisions in North versus South.

?Students will create a poster or collage to demonstrate the themes of living with uncertainty, justice, equity, or tolerance.

?After reading about key points of the Underground Railroad, students will reenact a scene in teams in order to connect personally with the events and themes.

?After the teacher presents a mini PowerPoint over the The ...

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