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The role of assessment in instructional design

What is the role of assessment in identifying instruction design? How could assessments and technology be used in working with young children (3-5 yr olds)with special needs.

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Assessment occurs several times during the instructional design process. After instructional goals have been defined and an instructional analysis has been conducted the next step to the process would be for the educator to identify the knowledge and the skill level the learner has from the beginning because instruction must be targeted as much as possible to the level of the learner's needs. Then after objectives have been established and instructional materials have been prepared a formative evaluation, which is assessment that happens from feedback during instruction, provides information for revising and improving the instructional materials that have and ...

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Assessment plays an important role in identifying instructional design. The following solution gives a step by step explanation to this process. It also discusses how assessments and technology could be used by educators when working with very small children.