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    Performance Assessment and Rubric

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    Create a performance assessment for students at a truck driving school. Include the following components:
    1. A performance assessment description that provides step-by-step instructions using learner friendly language
    2. An original rubric created to evaluate the learners' performance on the assessment.

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    Hello and thank you for using Brain Mass today! Let us begin by discussing what a performance assessment is. Performance assessments are assignments that are given to students in order to provide another way for them to gain a grade outside of traditional testing. This is a good choice to offer students especially good students who may have trouble achieving high grades on tests because it gives them an opportunity to achieve a grade in another way. This could, in turn, really help their GPA. Performance assessments also give students the freedom to meet the assignment goals in a way that they see fit and to have the creativity to complete the assignment in their best possible way. In turn, this boosts students' confidence, strengths, and creativity outside of traditional testing means.

    A good example of a performance assessment for the truck driving school is to have students create a ...

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    The expert examines for performance assessment and rubrics. The assessment as learners friendly languages and original rubrics.