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Effective assessment of children's oral langauge development

By the time children are of preschool age their oral language development is complex and rich. This complexity makes assessment difficult. The only way to truly capture the full richness of children's langauge development is to tape their conversations as they speak and transcribe them word for word along with a detailed description of the context in which the language was used. The transcript can then be analyzed to detrmine the average length of sentences used, forms of langauge etc. However doing that would be too time consuming and impractical in most classrooms.

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Teachers should observe children interacting during regular classroom activities and use oral language checklists, forms that allow teachers to record more detailed information about children's language ...

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Since the oral langauge development of very small children can be complex, it is not easy for early childhood educators to assess this effectively The solution offers suggestions for practical methods that teachers can use to effectively assess the oral langauge development of students