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    Oral Testing in Gathering Data

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    Just need your input. Here is the DQ that was asked. In what situation would oral tests be an effective and valid method of gathering data from the learner/employee?

    This is my professor's responds to my statement: You stated, "I believe oral testing can be valid in many ways of testing, but I especially believe that oral testing can be very effective when evaluating someone that is learning a second language."
    How does this relate to Multiple Intelligences?
    Course Materials: Objectives
    Explore the purposes of assessment in adult education.
    Analyze the types of summative assessment.
    Analyze ethical standards for assessments

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    (MY RESPONSE) One of the eight categories in the Multiple Intelligence theory has to do with linguistics. Specifically, linguistics (or the use of the spoken word) helps students to think in terms of what words to use and express the language with an understanding of the complex meanings of the words. ...

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    Oral testing in Gathering data is determined. The expert determines in what situation would oral test be an effective and valid method of gathering data from the learner/employee.