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    Data and Informaiton Colleciton Strategies

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    Describe the information-gathering strategies you learned and how they would be useful to you as a clinician doing the assessment report. Which assessment strategies are most comfortable for you to use and which do you see as challenging? Explain why.

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    (1) Describe the information-gathering strategies you learned about in this course and how they would be useful to you as a clinician doing the assessment report.

    Data collection strategies include:

    * In the process of conducting experiments, information is obtained by using the scientific method of conducting experiments. Experiments can provide the clinician with scientific data to aid in explaining specific behaviors, and/or identifying treatment procedures. The method used in assessing information with experiments is the subject of quantitative analyses.
    *Significant to report writing would be the findings from experiments.

    * Case study is a strategy to obtain information that involves an in-depth analysis of an individual thoughts, feelings and behaviors of a single person. In the case study, the person expresses his or her own personal beliefs. Case studies are primarily used in qualitative analyses. Data refers to records, transcripts and other written, archived material. Case data can be useful to the clinician, because it can highlight the individual's past and current adjustments and pinpoint circumstances surrounding this adjustment (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2005).

    *Information on the client's past experiences, illness and adjustments would be included in the report under "Relevant medical history", "Development history", and or "Social and Family History" (Sommers-Flannagan & R. Sommers-Flannagan, 2003, p. 204).

    * The survey information is obtained by asking a number of individuals to answer written or oral questions. The survey is useful in reaching a large number of people. Information from a survey would be useful in making treatment decisions.

    * Interviews are conducted ...

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