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    Conflict resolution : key informaiton

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    Explain the role of conflict resolution in managing project teams.

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    Conflict is normal any time there are two or more individuals involved. This said, the amount of acceptable conflict and the level of conflict are not always considered good. Therefore, teams must learn to anticipate, work with and control conflicts.

    Conflict is normal. As long as there are strategies in place to keep conflict from damaging projects and relationships, conflict can be a catalyst for ideas and brainstorming, working harder to meet goals, and enhancing the project's overall success. The strategies must include communication, ways to detect and avoid escalation, and processes to resolve conflicts when necessary. Not all conflict can be resolved by accepting the difference of opinions.

    Every team should have written rules of conflict resolution. Teams are usually formed to solve a problem and often have limited time. If a project is expected to last six months and the forming and storming part of the team process take more than a few weeks, then the real work will be ...

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