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    Co-parenting conflict resolution

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    This solution briefly locates an article concerning conflict resolution and peacemaking. In the analysis, it describes the elements of conflict resolution and peacemaking. 700 words of notes and a reference are provided.

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    As you briefly locate an APA research article concerning conflict resolution and peacemaking, this article clearly demonstrates to me how conflict resolution tactics can be positively applied when co-parenting. This article specifically examines the unique challenges faced by nontraditional college students who are also co-parents (as well as students themselves, juggling dual roles) as a result of divorce or separation. Because of today's highly diverse family dynamics, this article is particularly relevant in my opinion:

    Henry, W. J., Mitcham, M. A., & Henry, L. M. (2013). Conflict Resolution Strategies Adopted From Parenting Coordination: Assisting High-Conflict Coparenting Students. Journal Of College Counseling, 16(2), 176-190.

    First of all, as you briefly analyze the article, the authors strongly propose the use of the Parenting Coordination Model to address various underlying co-parenting and anger issues that occur and permeate after divorce or separation. As a multidisciplinary model, it then infuses various aspects from counseling, mediation, parent education, legal arbitration, communication, and many other fields and disciplines alike to produce peace and resolve conflicts swiftly. ...

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    700 words of notes are offered to locate and summarize an article concerning conflict resolution and peacemaking among co-parents.