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    Juvenile offenders and recidivism

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    Write a 2 page paper (double spaced) on Juvenille Recidivism.

    Discuss the best way to treat juvenile recidivism. Discuss the three factors - risk, needs and responsivity.

    When completing your assignments, all spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, and citations should be written in APA style. Please see our instructor for any further instructions.

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    As you may have noted, we can only guide you to the answer and not write the paper for you. The three factors you wish to write on regarding Juvenile Recidivism are good place to start to formulate your paper.

    i) Risk- studies show that females and offenders with minimal crime history are most likely to NOT re-offend. Thus, lower recidivism rates. Also offenders who participate in restorative justice programs are less likely to re-offend. Again, lower recidivism rates. Thus risk factor- age, gender, participation in restorative justice programs. Other risk factors- ...

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    This posting discusses the risks, needs and response to restorative justice programs for juvenile offenders.