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    Juvenile Probation

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    Prepare a press release for your local news media about the new juvenile probation program. The press release should address the media's concerns about the lack of effectiveness of the juvenile probation program and focus their attention on how the juvenile justice advisory board's new initiative will tackle this issue.

    Include the following in the press release:
    - an attention-getting introduction
    - a brief description of the program
    - how the program differs from the previous juvenile probation program
    - how the new program reduces recidivism
    - a brief explanation of community service, restitution, and the educational component that has been incorporated
    - a mention of the targeted population of the program
    - information on who can participate in the program and how volunteers can become eligible

    Explain the components of community service, restitution, and education in your new juvenile probation program with appropriate research and examples. Explain how the new program differs from the old one, and in what manner it will reduce recidivism in juveniles with appropriate research and examples. Also use references/citation sources.

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    Juvenile justice is at a crossroads that has witnessed two opposing models fail to provide juveniles who are at risk with the ability to become productive citizens. Both the retributive or punitive models and the traditional individual treatment model have been unsuccessful. Therefore, our new juvenile justice program will incorporate an alternative philosophy based on "The Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) Model". This innovative model is revolutionary in its approach to juvenile justice because it incorporates both previous models together to develop approaches to juvenile justice that recognize crime as an act against the victim, and the community akin to the tribal and religious traditions of many cultures.

    This program is predicated upon the reassessment of juvenile justice professional's priorities wherein participation in the process by victims, the community, and offenders is the new paradigm ...

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    The expert determines how the program differs from the previous juvenile probation program.