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Conflictive ramifications upon close relationships

What influence does conflict have on close relationships? Please provide an example in your response.

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Conflict has different impacts on each person involved in a close relationship. Since this posting question did not indicate if the "close relationship" refers to intimate couples, best friends, lifetime childhood best friends, or duet competitors (ie. Mixed figure skating couples or tennis players), I can make some general summations.

ONE) Conflict serves as a cleansing mechanism. When a large conflict occurs, it is somewhat like the garbage man coming by and picking up all the small bags of garbage (ie. The "relationship slate" gets wiped clean). The two people involved in the conflict may finally discuss the current problem (and possibly all the events that lead up to the conflict) so as to come to a resolution. They clear the air and continue in their relationship as the next conflict begins to build. An example of this might be ...

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Conflictive ramifications upon close relationships are identified. References are also listed to promote research.