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    File Sharing

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    This posting offers ideas for a paper on ethical evaluation. It helps with a topic about Peer to Peer File Sharing.

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    As you compile your prewriting and paper about Peer to Peer File Sharing, please refer to my input:

    First, I like your topic. I agree that you need to apply more ethical or legal ramifications surrounding the topic in order for it to constitute a true ethical evaluation.

    Here is some further help with your Thesis Statement: This essay explores the unethical practice of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, reasons why people share files (music, movies, computer software, etc.), ethical and legal ramifications surrounding the issue, effects of this practice upon the American or global economy, and preventive measures to reduce file sharing.

    As for your outline, here is my feedback below. You offer some great preliminary ideas. Please target tone and ...

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