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Ethics of Peer to Peer File Sharing

What do you think of the ethics of peer-to-peer file sharing? Is peer-to-peer file sharing the same as copyright infringement? Who is harmed by the activity? Who is helped? Do you think the users of Napster should have had permission to download the copyrighted music?

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Peer to peer file sharing may deprive musicians and music labels from profits; however, this will happen anyway, when friends and acquaintances share CDs with each other. Sharing music began many decades ago, when rock and roll became popular. First, albums were shared and traded, then 8 track tapes. When cassette tapes became the norm, they could actually be copied onto blank tapes, for personal use in players at home and in the car. If music was meant to never be copied or shared by individuals, for personal use, the music industry has had plenty of opportunities to address the issue in past decades. After cassette tapes became CDs, which can also ...

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The solution discusses the ethics of peer to peer file sharing and if it is the same as copyright infringement.