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P2P Crime Forensic Investigation

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Do some research on peer-to-peer networks (e.g., you may search "crime activity peer to peer networks", "crime activity P2P", "pornography P2P", "child pornography peer to peer network", etc.). What kind of network crimes may use P2P networks? Find the most challenging crimes that could be based on P2P networks and write a report on how to do forensic investigations on these crimes.

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Crimes on Peer to Peer Networks

The key factor behind the working of Peer-to-Peer networks is that it allows users to be connected to the Internet to link their computers with other computers around the world. These networks are established for the purpose of sharing files. Generally, the users of Peer-to-Peer networks install free software on their computers which allows them to (Fbi.gov, n.d):

(1) Find and download files located on another Peer-to-Peer user's hard drive.

(2) Share with those other users files located on their own computer.

However, the most challenging cases involving forensics investigation in my opinion are:

a) Copyright Infringement
b) Child Exploitation and Obscenity
c) Computer Hacking

These three above mentioned issues are of great concern and are increasing on a daily basis. The computer forensic investigators have a tough time dealing with issues. One such example is the MyDoom virus wreaked mayhem on personal and corporate e-mail systems across the ...

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