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Benefits and potential of advanced forensic capabilities

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You have been asked to take part in a meeting regarding the possible benefit of purchasing some advanced forensic technologies to aid the currently outdated equipment at your local crime lab. Attending the discussion will be the city manager, police chief, and senior investigators from your department's criminal investigation division (including you). Your chief would like you and the other investigators to really sell the benefits and potential of advanced forensic capabilities to the city manager. In preparation for the meeting, analyze some possible benefits of upgrading your laboratory's forensic equipment and capability. Additionally, prepare a detailed outline with talking points you could use to contribute to the meeting. Be sure to have examples ready of some advanced forensic tools, their basic purpose, and how those tools would benefit your laboratory and department if successfully integrated into your available forensic arsenal.

Please provide references used.

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This explains the Benefits and potential of advanced forensic capabilities

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Forensics can be defined as the use of technology and science for investigation and fact recovery when dealing with criminal matters. Computer forensics is the technological aspect of retrieving evidence to use within criminal or civil courts of law. They are able to recover damaged and deleted files. (Answer.com)

Forensic investigation is "The scientific process of imaging and analyzing data stored in any electronic format, for the purpose of reporting findings in a neutral manner, with no predisposition as to guilt or innocence."
As per science direct.com
We are becoming more dependent on technology and its various offshoots and incarnations. This reliance and to some extent dependence on technology, has had a ripple effect on other less obvious areas of society (Rogers, 2001; Schneier, 2002 and Schwartau, 2000). One such area is law enforcement and, more specifically, criminal ...

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