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    haring of copyrighted materials

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    Several countries (including the US) took action last week to shutdown the file sharing site MegaUpload, and to arrest may of its key individuals. The allegation is that the site facilitated major copyright infringement.

    What is the whole business of the sharing of copyrighted materials (music and video for example), the use of file sharing websites, and the tactics used by the various governments involved in last wee's action? You might also comment on SOPA and PIPA. I'm sure you can find other stories on the Internet on this topic. I have to say I come from the school of thought which says that we should not share copyrighted material --- that we need to honor the rights of the owner. I know many may not agree.

    Please give your thoughts on this topic.

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    The right of the owner in case of copyright material should be shielded. The infringements committed by Megaupload are very huge. The action against Megaupload is justified because the company was using a business model that was based on pushing up piracy. The site's MegaVideo was clicked for pirated content. The company handed over money to users that uploaded pirated content. The use of the site was pulling down the businesses of new movies, and episodes of popular TV shows. In fact, Megaupload promoted piracy by deleting legitimate files of users if they were not downloaded. The US federal investigating agencies ...

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