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Professional Issues in Computing

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As we all know, the impact of the Internet has been huge. What are the responsibilities of the computing professional related to the development of Internet material and usage of the Internet?

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Internet as we all know it has been a huge factor in shaping the current generation of computing. It has innovated different business models, has improved means of gathering information, and has affected the society and how people communicate and convey their expressions. In many cases it has been helpful, but with misuse it has also provided negative effects that are harmful to the society. Because it is easy to develop and distribute materials through the Internet, spreading of false information is very rampant. It is also easy to distribute copyrighted materials through the Internet such as commercial software that are pirated, ripped music files from a commercial CD from artists, or ripped or recorded video files that are for sale. Because of misuse of the Internet individual's privacy and security are also threatened. People usually place most ...

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