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Professional Individual Development Plan

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Can someone please help with the attached? I have no clue what this plan should should look like. Please provide guidance thanks

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Needs Analysis:

The main objective of needs analysis is to identify the major problem areas, weaknesses, gaps in desired skills and training needs that needs to be addressed via an effective professional development and training program in the organization. Apple Inc. is one of the leaders in the global consumer electronics and computing industry and offers world class products such as Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Mac computers, Itunes software and various other computing and electronics products and software. The company is considered a pioneer in terms of innovation, design and quality and is being envied by other players for its ability to offer world class products that always exceeds customer needs and expectations. The company has achieved strong growth in the last few years due to its blockbuster product offerings such as iphone and ipad and increasing popularity of its products and software applications across the globe. The company now also operates its own exclusive retail outlets to sell its products directly to its customers.

In order to support the strong growth of the company as well as to retain its supremacy in terms of innovation, quality and customer-centric approach in its world class products, the company needs to focus on the professional development of its workforce as well as a world class, trained, customer and quality focused workforce is essential for the company's continued success and supremacy in the computing and consumer electronics industry. Apple's core needs in terms of training is to ensure that its ...

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