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Professional Development Plan PowerPoint

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Develop an 8-slide Power Point Presentation on what you believe to be the best method for delivering a professional development plan.

Slides should be specific and pointed in the message. Include Speaker Notes.

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I have attached a Power Point with a professional development plan presentation. Much of the information provided within the Power Point can be found in Yukl's Leadership In Organizations. The reference is included below. You should not use this as your own work. This is just a sample to provide you guidance. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. OTAs do not do homework assignments for students. It is also important to remember that your assignment should be completed based ...

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This solution includes a sample professional development PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint does not include speaker notes. The presentation focuses on leadership development.

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1. I need a one page personal professional development growth plan. It can be based on personal assessment of my strengths (it can be anything) and areas where I would like to improve, it can be as a student and future job applicant, or as a current worker. In the development plan, describe the kinds of training, courses, seminars, or other experiences that would make me a more attractive job applicant or more valuable employee. Then compare it to a coworker. What useful ideas did you get from this?

2. Also I need to develop a scenario question for a user support or help desk position that would measure whether a job applicant is a good problem solver. Start by brainstorming some ideas with coworkers, then select a scenario that is feasible for an interview, and finally refine the scenario question. Exchange your scenario question with another team and write a model response to it question.

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