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    Internal Fallout

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    Complete a comprehensive report that details your suggestions to MSO. Look through it in totality to ensure that each part fits well, that it looks professional, and that it contains all the necessary information.

    You are a consultant who is engaged by MSO to suggest ways to deal with the internal fallout that resulted from the current legal crisis experience by the company's founder. This internal fallout includes (a) a sagging morale of managers and employees, (b) failing leadership credibility, and (c) an inadequate and confused internal communications structure. The ultimate goal of this report is to provide guidelines for restoring investor, employee, and customer confidence.

    Follow these guidelines while creating your report:

    Remember that you are making recommendations to the management of MSO. All deliverables should look professional, be consistent, and provide usable information that management can implement.

    Start the report with an analysis (not a recounting) of the history of MSO from the beginning to the situation of the present crisis.

    Your recommendations must be sequential and cohesive.

    The crisis has created extensive negative consequences in three broad organizational areas for MSO management: employee relations, communication, and leadership credibility. Your final project will develop a planned change with the goal of resolving these problems.

    - Discuss one or more motivational theories that you recommend be used to overcome the current issues with the sagging morale. How would you integrate these theories into MSO's MBO, employee recognition, and compensation plan?

    - Discuss the changes that need to be made in the communication model at MSO. Discuss how these changes should be implemented. How will you know if the change is successful?

    - Discuss the powers that Martha Stewart held prior to her conviction and implications of her conviction upon those powers. What would you recommend to MSO in terms of a new influence and authority model one Stewart returns to the company?

    Your report should be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that will be presented to MSO management. Create an executive summary of your report that highlights the most important issues and solutions outlined in your report. It should explain your philosophy on planned change and organizational development and how you will go about implementing your recommendations. Recall a best practice of PowerPoint, which recommends you keep the number of words on each slide to a minimum and place the bulk of your discussion in the notes section of the slide

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