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    Crisis Communication: Worst Questions to Ask in a Crisis

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    Barton (2008) presented the worst 20 questions to ask in a crisis. In your opinion, what is the worst question of all? Has anyone asked these questions and suffered the fallout for doing so? Substantiate your response.

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    Crisis Communication Management:

    In my opinion, the worst question of all is "Why was this not prevented from happening?" This is because when communicating during a crisis it is important that consistent and current information is provided to the public and the concerned stakeholders. Asking why the crisis was not prevented from happening would require that the internal controls of detecting and controlling the crisis be looked at in order to understand what happened and why internal control systems were not effective enough in controlling the crisis. This would in turn expose an organization's weaknesses to the public, and a wrong answer could possibly damage the organization's reputation for ...

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    This solution discusses the worst questions to ask when an organization is facing a crisis.