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Professional Development Plan

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Please help, I need to write an individual professional development plan. I would like to have a sample of how it looks for a university student.

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The Structure

A personal/professional development plan is a document, a paper and 'memo' that helps individuals "focus, evaluate and prioritize professional development" actions and strategies to aid individuals in moving forward in their careers and professional lives. There is no standard length or prescribed format - it can actually be personalized depending on the circumstances and preferences of the individual. But, according to the American Planning Association (AICP, 2010), it should contain the following:

? A description or listing of professional aspirations and goals.
? A description or listing of professional interests and activities.
? A history of previously completed professional development activities in order to keep
Information all in one place.
? A timeline for several years' worth of future activities or interests. "

With these in mind, it possible to create a 'sample' plan using the persona of a working student as an example from which to base one. This is ...

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The solution is a 763-word tutorial that presents a sample professional development plan structured for a university/college student. references are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.

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