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Professional Development

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Plan Professional Development: Professional development plays an important role in the life of an educator. Research different methods of continuing professional development. Develop three statements of commitment as to the types of professional development you plan to engage in over the next year. At least one of your resources for professional development should be online. For each commitment, include a rationale as to why you chose this particular type of professional development and how it will help you to continue to grow as an early childhood educator. Professional Development.

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When you decide to become an educator, you are deciding to become a life-long learner. I've heard this quote, "A teacher is like a burning candle that consumes itself to light the way for others." I didn't know what it meant at the time, but now I do. When I was younger, I used to think that teachers went home when the students did. That was a very wrong assumption. We spend long hours after the students have left to plan. We take papers home to grade over the weekend. This is just a small demand and doesn't include all of the other duties that are assigned by your campus administrator. Professional Development classes are a great way to learn to become and effective teacher. They provide meaningful lessons and some PDs even give you materials that you can take back to your campus to use.
There are a variety of different professional developments that are offered to meet the needs of various teachers. One type of professional development is very common, and it is the Seminar Style Professional Development. These are usually all day sessions that break for lunch in the middle of the day. There are a wide variety of topics that range ...

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What are some different types of Professional Developments Available? Which ones would you go to and why?