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    The role of the Educator in Differentiated Instruction

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    What is the role of professional development indesigning differentiated instruction? what challenges do you see in defining a staff development program in differentiated? have you had any experiences in designing staff development? Differentiated instruction involves the use of a variety of teaching tools that may or may not be considered conventional methods. Educators must be trained to know when the learning situation or setting is suitable or demands differentiated instruction.

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    First an understanding of what is meant by differentiated instruction should be determined. From the perspective of the student, differentiated instruction involves using different avenues such as text, internet, experiential learning and others to gain a thorough understanding of topics or material.

    For the teaching professional, it involves developing instructional materials and activities that ensure all learners with different abilities and learning styles are able to master the material. Professional development can include training on new information systems ...

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    This document discusses the importance of professional development, for the educator that uses differentiated instruction in the education setting.