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    Classroom Practices to Ensure Student Success and Research

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    Why is it important for teachers to continually conduct research in their own classrooms? How can they use research to make improvements in their classrooms to make improvements in their teaching to help their students to succeed academically? How can using reflection and differentiated instruction assist the educator in reaching all the students in the classroom no matter what learning level they are on?

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    It is vital for a teacher to look back at the lessons of the day and analyze what could have been differently to make the lesson more easily understood, or more effective. This can allow teachers to reflect on their strengths as well as their weaknesses, and to work on different strategies that can be implemented in the classroom. According to the article, The Articulated Learning: An Approach to Guided Reflection and Assessment, a reflective practitioner is described as one who "reflects on the understandings which have been implicit in [one's] action, which [one] surfaces, criticizes, restructures, and embodies in further action" (Ash, & Clayton, 2004).

    A teacher can be reflective during the lesson as well as after the lesson. If a teacher is giving instruction on a new concept that is being introduced, the students may seem confused, or puzzled about the new material. It is important to address the confusing at that time, and not go on with the lesson until examples are given or the material is clarified, so the students understand the concept completely. If the material is not clarified, it can cause the student to not retain any of the information presented after that point, and will make it more difficult to catch up or retain the information (College of liberal arts & sciences, 2013).

    Teacher should be responsive to the needs of the students, interest, ...

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    Teachers should always reflect on what they see to make the lesson more suited to their classroom based on the student needs.