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    Teaching Students with Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (EBD)

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    Why do you think many teachers of EBD students neglect the academics and focus solely on behaviors? How can this harm students? How can knowing this help you as a future EBD teacher?

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    In a study conducted by de Lugt (2007), results have shown that most students with emotional and behavioral disorders also have academic deficits, usually in Reading and this is giving them a hard time to be successful in school and most of them are at risk of becoming a drop out and have social problems in their adulthood. These EBD children often have very poor academic performance that is difficult to explain as either health, sensory or intellectual impairments. Another study has proven that 91% of their EBD students have deficiencies in reading and mathematics. It was confirmed in that review that EBD students in general, perform one to three years below their grade level. Because of this, teachers have given less attention to their academic deficits and focused more on their behavioural interventions with the hope to improve their social relationships.
    EBD students manifest behaviours of aggression, non-compliance and other antisocial responses and activities. As a result, they are usually excluded from the regular classroom as they have problems interacting with their teachers and peers as well as disrupt the whole teaching-learning setting. Their behaviours vary in severity, from mild to moderate to severe. Among these are aggression, anxiety, hyperactivity, depression, non-compliance. They are usually repeated and not just one setting. They greatly hinder the child's ability to establish good social relationships with those around ...

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