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    Teaching Students with EBD

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    What should teachers expect of themselves when they become teachers of students with EBD (emotional behavioral disabilities)?

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    EBD students bring a multitude of behaviors into a classroom. Successfully teaching these students can be a challenge. They often deal with depression, poor self-esteem, extreme anxiety, and a poor home environment. As a result, EBD students respond negatively to school, to their peers, and to the adults charged with instructing them. They often have limited insight into their behavior(s), and exhibit poor self-control coupled with fear, rage, and/or grief. "The behavioral and social deficits of these students are often met with anger and punishment from teachers who react to their behavior rather than understanding the whole person.

    According to Abrams (2005), when working with an EBD population, the teacher may experience certain stressors such as unrealistic expectations of themselves and /or their students; a lack of administrative and/or community support; the old "too many tasks and not enough time;" and the increased emphasis on accountability as a result of standardized ...

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    In approximately 575 words, this solution discusses working with students who have EBD (emotional behavior disorders).