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Providng Instruction to Students with EBD.

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What types of in-services would an administrator provide to make sure that teachers had the appropriate skills to recognize the early signs of emotional behavioral disorder (EBD) and intervene effectively to keep them from getting worse?

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Preparing teachers on how to educate students with EBD will lead to less teacher stress and increased opportunities for students with EBD to be successful. As an administrator, this is a great opportunity to provide staff ...

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In today's classroom, teaching students with behavioral issues can be very demanding and stressful. In this write up, I will discuss various approaches an administrator could take to prepare teachers for students that suffer from emotional behavioral disorders (EBD). I will also discuss various types of in-services an administrator could provide to make sure their teachers have the appropriate skills to recognize the early signs of EBD. By identifying the signs early, the teachers are able to intervene effectively to keep the behaviors from getting worse.