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Special Education: Emotional Behavior Disorder

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What are some of the way that teachers effectively evaluate students with EBD for intervention and/or instruction?

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To effectively evaluated students with EBD, special education teachers must look at several factors. First, does the student have an IEP that addresses the evaluation? Assessment accommodations are a norm for most EBD students because of their disability. The accommodations help the student reduce stress by giving them more time of the evaluation or allowing them breaks when frustration sets in. Standardized tests are a huge obstacle for the evaluation of EBD. The time constraints are very stressful and sometimes being in the same testing center with mainstreamed students can be frustrating.

Norm referenced tests do not really apply to the 'individual student' in the case of ...

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This solution explains how teachers can evaluate students with EBD to determine a plan for intervention and for regular instruction. It includes some of the exceptions that are made for such students and discusses a variety of evaluative methods.