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EBD: Causal Factors, Implications and Mitigation

Comprehensively discuss causal factors, the implications, and possible mitigation regarding EBD (Emotional Behaviour Disorder) students.

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When teaching children with emotional behavior disorders, many casual factors contribute to triggering these behaviors. Severe implications for behavior can exist, and mitigating these implications and behavior should be the objective of teachers with students exhibiting EBD. The first step is establishing that you have a student or students in your classroom with EBD. Once this has been established, the teacher should understand the particular disorder that the student has and recognize that certain factors contribute to triggering negative responses from the student depending on what disorder the child has. I will use the example of children with autism that experience outbursts and other negative behavior in the presence of seemingly casual factors for others not experiencing this disorder.

Casual factors such as visual ...

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This solution discusses causal factors, implications and mitigation.