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EBD diagnosis- pros and cons

Why is classification of EBD disorders important? In schools, what are the benefits and the disadvantages of students having a classification of EBD?

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An excellent article is available at the following Website, URL: http://www.springerlink.com/content/vr57r20089t21m36/, which you can download and read in a .pdf file. This file requires Adobe Reader to open, but that software is also a free download from www.adobe.com, and then you can read .pdf files from any source.

First, EBD stands for Emotional Behavorial Disorder. A diagnosis of EBD "must meet federal guidelines established by IDEA of marked and persistent difficulties in one of the following areas that adversely affects educational performance: learning that cannot be attributed to other factors (learning disability), relationships with others, inappropriate feelings or behavior, frequent unhappiness or depression, or excessive fearfulness. Further the IDEA definition excludes students considered ...

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Definition of EBD, Web site URL citation, discussion of pros and cons of a diagnosis of EBD for the child/parents and the school/teacher.