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The definition in Lay terms of EBD

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How would you explain to someone who is unfamiliar with special education and psychology what is wrong with the children we say have EBD?

Many people, caregivers, general education instructors, and even parents, need to understand that EBD, emotional behavior disorder is just a new term to describe a number of different and specific disorders.

Each disorder does have something to do with a behavioral or emotional difference in students. Describing in simple terms what depression is and how it presents, how panic disorders present themselves. These disorders are not to be taken lightly in the educational setting, as many diagnosed with EBD are bright academically, but will need adaptations and behavioral plans to make the most of the work or school day.

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In this solution, I discuss the behaviors and challenges of a person with the diagnosis of EBD. These definitions are always changing, but the meaning is the same. This describes a person who has emotional differences that may affect learning styles, and adaptations to both the environment and the staff that help these students

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I would tell people who know nothing of special ed or psychology that students who have EBD are students who have problems learning because they have ...

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