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Assessment Methods for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

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What are some methods that can help ensure assessments are chosen to adequately and ONLY identify emotional and behavioral disorders?

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Among the procedures and information that have been used to assess children with EBD according to Tim Lewis are the following: direct observation, social history data, behaviour information, impact educational performance (achievement, grades, participation, social interaction, behaviour). In collecting more information about social history, standard scales are used to assess behaviour, e.g., Behavior Rating Profile, Child Behavior Checklist, Behavior Evaluation Scale, Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders. To evaluate on a child's social competence or social skills, the Social Skills Rating System and Walker-McConnell scale of social competence and school adjustment are useful. Interviews are also being done about the background of the child with the teacher/s, parents, peers, etc. The ...

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- IDEA eligibility categories to identify EBD
- Approaches to determine validity of EBD assessment
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