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Applied Behavioral Analysis for Emotional Behavioral Disorder

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Discuss the main principles of applied behavioral analysis. Why is this an effective model for students with emotional behavioral disorder? What are its advantages?

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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the science of discovering the environmental factors that influence socially significant behaviour and for developing the strategies for behavioural changes that are useful to those discoveries. Among the teaching methods that ABA conducts are task analysis, shaping, incidental teaching, pivotal response training, natural environmental training, shaping, and fluency based training. It has been used to teach various skills in the academics, as well as social and conversation skills. ABA programs often include activities that improve performance in writing, counting, reading, and language arts as they align with the students' recent IEP objectives. The goal of ABA is promote as well as influence socially accepted and significant behaviour as these can be eventually transferred in practical daily living.

Among the dimensions of ABA are: Applied (behaviour to be changed should improve day to day life); Behavioral (observable and measurable behaviour); Analytic (the use of data based decisions during ...

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This is a discussion on the principles of applied behavioral analysis and how it affects students with emotional behavioral disorder.

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Include cited references for any sources used.

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