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    Approaches to Treating OCD

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    - Compare and contrast psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family system approache in relation to Obsessive- compulsive disorder.
    - What are the philosophical origins of each approach
    - What are the goals of each approach
    - What are some techniques and strategies used by each approach
    - How does each approach affect the treatment strategies for Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    - Evaluate the effectiveness of each approach, in relation to Obsessive-compulsive disorder, based on treatment outcome research

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    -Compare and contrast psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family system approach in relation to Obsessive- compulsive disorder.

    Consider the nature in psychology as a means to monitoring mental thought to behavioral output, as in, the clinical diagnosis and treatment for the patient, in which, the measurement in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family system can reach final consensus of analysis. Try and think of the comparative nature of the four areas of clinical psychology on the basis of ownership to a specific trait or output of patterns. In the case of psychodynamic comparative nature to cognitive behavioral consensus hones on the influences of "key collective unconscious" to behavior on certain levels due to direct mental correlation. For instance, the cognitive behavioral approach is the measurement of thoughts leading to certain behaviors in an encouragement similar for reaching the psycho-level of understanding.

    By doing so, the cognitive behavioral approach offers a way towards connecting further methods in detectable dysfunctional elements requiring further treatment. Hence, the trend is in comparative notions between psychodynamic and cognitive-behaviors framework to instill a collective data on unconscious framework of thought influences. Consider philosophical origins as a means for influencing the way psychodynamic approach and cognitive behavioral approach that is in relation towards processing certain stimuli's (in relation to obsessive-compulsive disorder). In addition, the psychodynamic and cognitive behaviors approach methods can also stems from an initial stimulant by external forces causing an emotional outburst - leading to continuing negative behavior output (obsessive).

    Aim in framing the humanistic and family system on comparative nature based on For instance, the psychological aspect deals with the mental level of health not currently stable to processing external (social and humanistic aspect) information that sparked the obsessive - compulsive behavior) leading to at times violence. Keep in mind the contrast factor entails the psychodynamic and cognitive behavior approach as more internal influences by either ...

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