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    token economy interventions for children with EBD

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    Explain how a token economy can be successful when designing interventions for children with EBD? Discuss the disadvantages of a token economy. How you would turn a disadvantage into a positive intervention.

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    Token economies are being used in more and more classrooms across the country. Token economy's consist of a token or reward that can be earned for positive classroom behaviors that focus on individual as well as social skills. The idea of a token economy is to reinforce positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors. Token economies are being used to change behaviors of an emotionally disturbed student. In order for this approach to work on a student with EBD the target behavior(s) need to be identified and a plan must be in place with all staff involved. The type ...

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    Token economies are summarized in terms of designing interventions for children with EBD. References are also provided to justify the assertions.